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Ye Be Captain S M Reviews Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy

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Arrr me maties I be your Captain on this movie review as I discuss over a bottle of rum and make you walk the plank HAR HAR HAR!!! Now that I got that out of my system...well...not really ARRRR :). Well I just got back from best of all TIME!!! well it will be up there this Monday after what I predict will be the biggest Box Office movie of the year. In which I predict at least $200 Million opening 4 day weekend for Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end, but before I give my review of that movie I will go over the other two just to give you land luvers an quick update before you go see this movie this weekend. But first I have to put it out on the table when I first saw previews to the first Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl I instantly thought LAME!! like who would really see a movie about pirates? If memory served me correctly they were never good because most of the movie would on a boat and well I was getting ready to go to war as well since it came out in 2003. During then I saw bits and pieces and still thought it as eh, but when I saw the second movie "Dead Man's Chest" I SAW THE LIGHT or more like I SAW THE WATER!!! :) and so I was hooked on Pirates of the Caribbean from the point forward. By then I have seen POTC I several times on tv and then a couple of day ago I got the DVD's to get myself refresh before the big day and it brings me to this wonderful topic.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of Black Pearl


The movie that started it all in which we get introduced to pretty much everyone you would see through the rest of the trilogy minus a extra here and there. I won't go into story because if you haven't seen it be then I should make you walk the plank :(, anyways the one thing that got me really that the first movie was more of separate story while the other two were more put together. Yeah the movie was a basic introduction to everything and the ending of it seem more of a conclusion then a continuation especially compare to the other two movies and their stories. But the one thing I say about this about the portrayal of Jack Sparrow, no body but Johnny Depp could have pulled it off better then him; although I was never really a big Depp fan, although, I rate him as a great actor none the less. But after seeing the sequels I feel though that this movie is lacking especially the ending since you couldn't really tell if it was going to continue you or not, although the movie did continue two more times. As concern with the other actors I would say bloom could have done better I felt he was a bit stale in the first movie with no emotion to it, of course he would do a 180 in the other two to make up for it. Knightly I would say she did a ok job the emotion could have been a bit more and yet again she would make up for it in the other two movies. Now with the actors that played the pirates kudos to them, I would say they had the hardest job of all trying to portray a good pirate; especially MacKenzie Crook and Lee Arenberg who play the pirates of Ragetti and Pintel they did an awesome job playing the stooges, of course they made these characters even better in the next two movies as well. for an overall rating I give this movie a nice High 8.9/10, although this movie started it off, it lack some stuff that made this trilogy complete as per mentioned with the ending of it although the transition between human and skeletons was nicely done, I only could imagine how long it took to get the timing done properly for the fighting sequences.


BO = $305,411,224


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.


Again I won't get into the story since this was a very big movie in 2006 and the first one I seen in theaters as well and the fact either you saw it or have dvd so you know what the story is about. So with POTC II we bring most of the cast back but this time we are introduced to two of the most legendary names in the real sailing history Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman; I bet you didn't know those names are real well the latter of the two the other more of a legend of the high seas. Either way this story brings in good emotion especially at the end of the movie with the death of Sparrow, rebirth of Captain Barbossa, and of course the chance to bring Jack back to life. As I mention before Bloom and Knightly really brought the characters this time, especially the emotions to these characters as the movie went on. Bill Nighy (Underworld, Shaun of the Dead) he was totally awesome as Davey Jones he made the character seem real especially as the captain of the Flying Dutchman and its deadly crew. Everything about the movie just made either a lot better and you usually don't get that in sequels, although the last few years that has been proven wrong with a lot of movies that continued; and of course with everyone expected the movie to continue which was very obvious to everyone. So with this movie getting me hook to pirates again 10/10 because this movie was more complete in terms of story lines and character development also the music was better, special effects awesome it was just plain out better.


BO = $423,271,331


Grand total so far on the first two movies $728,682,555.00 and now for the best sequel of all time POTC III.


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


As always I will not reveal any spoilers in my movie review so not to ruin it for everyone else, but for a brief story update at hte end of the second movie we found out that their is a way to bring back jack and it was very obvious when Tia Dalma (voodoo priestess) introduce to us Barbossa alive and well and of course the fact that Lord Cutler Beckett now has the Heart of Davey Jones and if you remember whoever controls the hear controls Davey and his crew. Of course we are introduce to new characters yet again like Chow Yung Fat (bulletproof monk, crouching tiger hidden dragon) who plays a pirate warlord and of Course Kieth Richards and Jack Sparrow's father and I saw this the mark up was AWESOME for Richards. To say the least what made this movie perfect and in fact complete was the number of plot twists that happen in this movie which I ball park at 30 throughout the whole movie. Although I will briefly mention this magic and mysticism become a very big part in this movie especially when it comes to the truth's that people had to make before, during and at the climax of this movie. I will say this if you have seen the movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World or other movies that consist of fighting on the sea, this movie topped them all, the battles sequences were awesome with perfect flow and the battle music was great. I pretty much told myself that this movie fighting sequences dwarf those of LOTR and star wars episode II and III and a few other ones that I can't think of at the moment, either if you know what I am talking about for good battle sequences you will know what I will be referring to when you see this movie. Now I did catch a interesting tidbit of info last week that Depp would be interested in making a 4th, I pray to GOD!! that don't do it because it will just suck trust me on that once you see the third movie, even though the ending says otherwise and I have a couple of idea's how they could swing that 4th movie if they decided to make it. But to me though I would say stop at the trilogy because most of the stories have ended for some of the main cast and bringing them back wouldn't seem right at all, but like I said once you see this movie you have an idea what I am thinking about. Well to start off for the ratings


STORY: 10/10 the third movie made the story complete especially all the plot twists and turn they introduced throughout the movie and sad to say made Spider Man 3 story very very weak.

MUSIC: 10/10 the music got better and better through the movie and every song or background music fit well with this.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: 10/10 the skeletons in the first movie look like some noob design them, the battle sequences well awesome with the help of a computer

CHARACTERS: 11/10 this movie made these characters more complete especially the background for Sparrow and pretty much most of the pirates, dialog was awesome, the emotion was great and the actors and actresses made these characters come to life.


Well I could go on and on about perfect ratings so I will stop and the important ones and say this the Movie was complete regardless what the profession movie critics think, I know a good movie when I see and most people who have read my reviews so far agree on some points that I make about the movies that have so far come out in 2007.


If you all remember my spider man prediction that I would they would make at least 150 million in which I nailed it pretty damn close, my prediction for this 4 day opening weekend will be about $200 million easy.

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Wow... your good at role playing you crazy man. No i just hate how my little sister got to go see it before I did. But at least my mom hasnt gotten to see it ethier.

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