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How To Create Your Own Setup File With Microsoft Windows Xp

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How to create your own setup file with Microsoft Windows XP


As you know there are many software that can create installation wizard for your files or programs such as install anywhere, install sheet,

but today I want a simple way to create your own installation file without any program

to do this:


1- Click on Start menu and then click on Run, to open RUN dialog box.

2- Type Iexpress and then click ok, Iexpress Wizard appears.

3- Select first radio dox (Create new self extraction directive file) and then click next.

4- Here select final result of the package and then click next.

5- In this section you can type a title for your install file, type your title and then click next.

6- If you want to confirm that the user wants to install your package, select second radio, otherwise select first radio, and then click next.

7- Here you can include a License agreement for your installation, if you want a license agreement, type your license agreement in a text file and then include file.

8- Now you can select your files in this section, click Add button to add your files and then click next.

9-if you have selected to run an installation command in step 4, here you should select your command.

10- In finished message section you can include a finish massage for your installation.

11- Click finish to create setup file.

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I haven't tried this for real, only checked out the program but Whoa! This is so... amazing! I've been wondering for so long how people do that! Thanks for the great info! :)

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Very interesting, so that how they set up installation program for your software, but I do believe there are some programs that help with this process as well, but still very interesting on how to do it. Good Job!!

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