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Galaxy Bubbles old tut of mine

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hi there where gonna make a wonderfull tutorial,i discoverd just yesterday


1.create a new image,push d,x,than ctrl backspace,to make your image black


2.get your brush tool /soft round 1..than play around with the sizes to make something like this

Posted Image

3.than push ctrl j ,2times,to duplicate the layer 2 times


4.oke blackgroundcopy2 .set the blending mode to lighten.than filter/sketch chrome,with these settings






press OK


5.backgroundcopy,set blending mode to lighten.than filter/sketch/chrome.with the same settings


6.than filter/distort/wave,,just klick on randomize ,til u find the nice wave,than klik OK


7.colorize is the way u want and tadaaa a beautifull easy tutorial


my outcome here

Posted Image

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