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[ps] Jack Sparrow Signature

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Tutorial Name: Jack Sparrow Signature

Created by: ~Xtreme~

Program used: Adobe Photoshop

Notes: A friend of mine made this tutorial a while ago and said I could repost it. I think


its a good tutorial and helps those who are still getting new to photoshop. This tutorial is


copyrighted to him and shouldn't be reposted by others unless you have his permission.



Today, you will be learning how to make a signature like this one.


Posted Image


1) First start off by making a new document. I will be using 340x125 and place yoru stock in your


empty canvas. Resze if needed. The left side of mine was a bit plain so I copied part of my stock


and moved it.


Posted Image


2) Now make a new layer and go to:

Image > Apply Image


Now take your smudge brush and smudge around the outside of your main focal point. Now set this


layer to lighten at 100% opacity.


Posted Image


3) Next make a new layer and do apply image again. Then use the following filter:

Filter > Distort > Ocean Ripple


Play with the settings and erase parts covering your character. Set this layer to lighten and


between 40-50 opacity.


Posted Image


4) Make a new layer adn apply image again. This time just smudge around until you like it, just not


over your character. Leave this layer on normal and 100% opacity.


Posted Image


5) Now take a c4d and put it in one of hte bottom corners and blur it. Then duplicate that layer and


move the c4d to the opposite corner. Leave both of these layers on normal and 100% opacity.


Posted Image


6) Next take a nice effect c4d and wave it. Place it where you think it looks best and erase parts


of it.


Posted Image


7) Now add a black and white gradient map. Set it to multiply and around 40% opacity. Then add a


purple and orange gradient map and set this one to soft light around 30% opacity.


Posted Image


8) Okay, now make a new layer and take out your splatter brushes. Pick two colors that go with your


signature, brush on your signature with both colors.


Posted Image


9) Lets add some lighting now. Make a new layer and take a 100px soft brush and brush white where


you want your lighting to be. Lower the opacity until it looks good.


Posted Image


10) Now add a ccolor balance and I used the following settings:





Posted Image


11) Now take your rectangle marquee tool and with it, set it to a fixed size. Make the size 10 width


and whatever the height of your signature is. Select a good part of your signature and go to:

Edit > Copy Merged


Now paste it three times and on each layer go to:

Filter > Distort > Wave


Hit randomize until you like it and place these three layers near your character, now blur each one


of the layers a little bit.


Posted Image


12) Make a new layer and apply image one last time. Now go to:

Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur > Around 2 px.


Set this layer to lighten and erase parts that don't look good.


Posted Image


13) Now add a couple of photo filters, some text, and a border. Then you are finished.


Posted Image



This is a pretty neat and easy filter tutorial for signature. Hopefully it will help people out.

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