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Old School Arcade Review ( Golden Axe )

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Well school is out, the sun warming up the skies and of course hitting the arcade's in a pair of shorts and a tank top and of course drop $100 into coin exchange machine and have your pockets rip at the seams with quarters....aaahh...was that the gold life in the olds days of arcade games. Now you got Dance Dance revolution jumping around like a jack rabbit listening to Britney Spears singing "oops I did it again".


Well not today, we are kicking it up old school style with another cult classic with a good import to the sega genesis called Golden Axe. A good ole button crushing, thumb jammin, sword swinging fun and oh yeah you get to beat on a guy name Death Adder...SCARY!!!



Golden Axe

Some screen shots


Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image


Game Maker: Sega


Year: 1989


Levels: 8


Sound: 6/10 (all though this was a good game even back then sound was lacking since all it consisted was background music, screams, and weapons sounds).


Graphics: 8/10 (though there was good detail to the game and some good animation to it but I think it was lacking somewhere even back then).


Mini Games: none in the arcade but on imports dual mode.


Difficulty: 10 (this game was pretty hard especially since you had 3 life bars and if you get caught in a attack sequence you could lose 2 in one shot).


Gameplay: Well this arcade game had three buttons jump weapon attack and magic. Which also consist of 2 types of running attacks and a special two button combo attack as well. Of course timing these ultimate attacks were so-so hard, it all depend on where the bad guys where at.


Plot: Well the story goes the Evil bad guy name Death Adder has taken over the land of our hero's, each one with a back story as to why they must defeat Death Adder. But what make it even harder Death Adder has kidnapped the King and princess and in the opening scene their friend Alex gets killed by one of many henchmen of Death Adder and so as the hero or heroine your goal is to whoop some henchmen butt and finish off Death Adder once and for all.



First Impressions Well put it like this I didn't get far, if I remember correctly I believe the farthest I ever gotten in the arcade was maybe the third level, but of course I never got that deep into this game so I would say maybe I spent about $20-$30.00 on this game. Of course hte best part was setting up the henchmen and making them fall in the pit. Of course when I scored my sega genesis I got this game and played it till I finally won, I can't remember how long it took me to it but when I did was I was WOOOHOO or something like that. But like I mention I didn't play this game that much in the arcade mostly on the genesis.


16 years laterWell as I was growing up I played it every now and then just to see if I could get that A++ ranking, I believe I got that twice, because how the ranking score was simple, the less guys you used and the further you got the better ranking. Of course if you look at the arcade game it seemed impossible unless you played it everyday. Then with at least 2 months left in my tour Iraq my room mate had the Playstation version and of course I played it as well, I do believe I beat that one as well, of course this version got an update and I wasn't all that impressed either for some reason. Now that I played the original I forgot how hard it really was. of course with my experience hands in this game I was able ot last awhile and the old tricks still worked; however, I did die quite a few times I think when I played it for the first time I think my ranking was C when I played it for the first time. Still a fun game even to this day, hopefully when I get a free chance I try and see if I can score that A++ ranking again.



Overall Ranking I would give it a 9ish, difficult game with ok graphics and so so sounds, the music made up for but those scream were horrible. I found out that the scream are coming form the movie Rambo First Blood, talk about a shock right there. I wonder if they ever knew that or not. If time your attack and keep everyone separated you get to the last level with ease. Of course in two player mode you odd's just double on winning this game, so try this game out either arcade or port and you will still enjoy it like I did back in the old school arcade days.



So now for a catchy slogan.....


"Games don't get old, just people!"


--Now for some copyright info--

Images and of course games are copyrighted to its perspective owners blah blah blah. Roms are illegal and so do not get caught blah blah blah or else blah blah blah. Reviews and opinions are my own so don't argue with me unless you can prove otherwise why this game sucks and 100% of the time you are wrong because one your either a new school gamer and don't know a good game when you see it or two, well there is no two so HA!!. All slogans, trademarks and names excluded the games I review are copyrighted to me blah blah and blah. 2007-2009 SM Old School Legend.

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