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Opera Browser + Javascript + Embeded Sound Embeded sound works in IE, but not in Opera

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Hello!Here is the problem. There is an Embed object, created like this:

    function createWMPEmbedMarkup(src, id, baseurl) {        // For choice, using the DOM instead of a string         // so the caller gets a node. (Its childNode could be used if you don't want the whole p element)        // Then, if markup is needed instead, innerHTML is available.        var x = document.createElement("embed");        x.setAttribute("FileName", src);        x.setAttribute("type", "application/x-mplayer2");		x.setAttribute("AutoStart", "0");		x.setAttribute("id", id);		x.setAttribute("hidden", "true");        if (!baseurl) {        // Create a raw, backslashed windows path. The plugin is too old to understand file URIs correctly.        // You can do the conversion using the methods you want. This is just an example.            if (document.location.protocol == "file:") {                var loc = decodeURIComponent(document.location.toString().replace(/file:\/\/localhost\//i, "file:///").replace(/file:\/\/\//i, "").replace(/file:\/\//i, "").replace(/\//g, '\\'));                loc = loc.substring(0, loc.lastIndexOf('\\') + 1);                if (loc.charAt(1) != ':' && loc.indexOf("\\\\") != 0) {                    loc = "\\\\" + loc;                }                x.setAttribute("BaseURL", loc);            }        } else {            // If the caller specified a base url, use it.            x.setAttribute("BaseURL", baseurl);        }        var p = document.createElement("p"); // wrap the node in an element so innerHTML can be used. (only Opera has outerHTML)        p.appendChild(x);        return p;    }    // Using document.write for IE's sake. These would go in their own script element somewhere in the page.    document.write(createWMPEmbedMarkup("nos.wav", "sound1").innerHTML);

Now, I want to play this sound file, when user clicks on some image (not when the page is loading - Autostart attrib should be 0)I do it like this:

function MouseClickHandler(){document.getElementById('sound1').play();}

This works ok in IE, but does not react at all in Opera.What can be the problem?

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