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Namco X Capcom Japanese RPG import

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Have any of you heard of Namco X Capcom?It's a crossover action/strategy RPG in Japan a couple of years back featuring several Namco and Capcom game characters including Street Fighter, Tekken, Resident Evil, Xenosaga and others. Also, there are some little known game characters which barely made in to the US and ones we never heard before.The game's story involves several supernatural occurrences happening around the Earth in the near future and it's up to two Japanese government agents, one a weapons-wielding combat expert and the other a female sorcerer whose hairstyle looks eerily like the head of Pikachu, to investigate these occurrences and find out what's causing them. After an encounter with Shion and KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series, and later some Street Fighter character, things are going way too weird and now the two agents joins forces with several Namco and Capcom heroes as they travel through different worlds, battling a rogue's gallery of villains, and finding out the mystery behind these unusual events that may be the precursor to a bigger threat to humanity as we know it.The game is a action/strategy game, where the player move characters in a strategy map-like battlefield. When a character encounters an enemy, the battle screen looks like something of a 2d side-scrolling fighting game a la Street Fighter. The usual RPG combat elements apply to the battle system.Overall, it's not a bad game from what I saw in the trailers and the Japanese website. Unfortunately, Namco, its' main publisher, refuses to localize it in North America because some of our hardcore gamers never heard of some of these characters (i.e. obscure Namco heroes like Bravoman and Wonder Momo) and there's some odd choices for Capcom characters as well: instead of Resident Evil icons like Jill Valentine, they've got the main protagonists from the mediocre shooter Resident Evil: Dead Aim.Anyway, I wish it would be localized here, but for the reasons above, it's not going to happen. It's a good concept with a great variety characters, an interested battle system, and possibly a respectable fun factor if I ever had the chance to play it. I hope future crossover RPGs (Kindgom Hearts franchise aside) would fellow this route and luckily make it here in the US.Your comments.

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Aww they should bring it here. It sounds interesting. I don't see what's wrong with showing America unknown characters. It'll be something new to us.

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Looks like I have to agree. I hope that Namco gets the message and hopefully in the future release a sequel to this and this time, they may have to import it to America.

I'd studied all the playable characters in Namco X Capcom thanks to a gaming site, and the characters which interests me in playing the games are below in the following list:

- Of course, Ryu from Street Fighter,
- Ken from Street Fighter
- Cammy from Street Fighter
- Sakura from Street Fighter
- The two protagonists from Resident Evil: Dead Aim
- Hiromi Tengenji - from Burning Force (hot hoverbike chick!)
- Toby Masuyo - from Baraduke (AKA Alien Sector) (I actually found out that this character is a SHE!)
- Wonder Momo - from Wonder Momo (She's a klutzy schoolgirl-type and Wonder Woman-ripoff)
- Valkyrie - from The Legend of Valkyrie
- Morrigan from Darkstalkers
- The cast of Project Justice
- Captain Commando
- Taizo Hori - from Dig Dug (yes. That's the name of the hero)
- Felicia from Darkstalkers
- Jin and King from Tekken
- Mistiguru and Taki from Soul Caliber
- Strider Hiryu
- Megaman, Roll and Tronn Boone from Megaman Legends

What cool characters I would have played, let Namco decided to release this here in the States. It would have been an awesome game to play.

Here's more on this from this link:

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