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My Life After High School an essay for english class

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Melody and Musical Centricity

Wouldn?t it be nice if everyone was musically talented? Well, for those who are, they have the potential to make it big, to make a living off of their skills, to become nationally known. The likelihood is very slim and very few people make it to stardom. The window is small and it takes every ounce of passion to make it, and I think that I have that passion. I will not leave it to chance, however, for I will still go to college and have a part-time job to support my band. I would like to live in a nice, sunny place like California. So begins my life after Pinecrest.

Continuing Education
To become an established musician, I will need an education to help support myself. My plan is to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I want to go there because it is a respectable yet affordable college. I don?t want to move too far away until I am done with college because I am familiar with this area. I will be able to concentrate on my studies more than I would if I was in an unfamiliar place. I will have a double major of Music and Mathematics. I will attend for four years or until I get my Bachelors degree. While I am in college, I plan to live in the campus housing. Depending on my grades in high school, I will have gotten extra college course hours for my Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses.
At the end of my Junior Year in high school, I will be taking the AP exam for Computer Science. If I make a four on this test, it will award me three hours of college credit. In my Senior Year in high school, I will be taking the IB Math Methods I and AP Chemistry exam which will award me six and four to eight credit hours respectively, depending on my score. Because of this, my exact college path is yet to be decided, but I know what I want to be in the end, a Musician.

My career goal is to become a musician, a literal ?Rock Star?. ?The development of musical skills requires long hours of practice and study? (?Musicians? 651). Seeing as I already spend 3 hours a day playing the guitar, I believe that this will be no problem. The hardest part of becoming a musician, for me, would be finding other band members just as dedicated as I am. I am prepared to take on many part-time jobs to pay for equipment, instruments, and advertisement. My band will play at every social function we can get a gig at in order to make it big.

Place to Live
After college, I plan to find a place to live. All I need is a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.

Thats all i got so far... what do you think?

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i think you'll get bored pretty quick. and you'll find it hard to stick to a minimalistic plan while everyone is living in a maximalistic manner. truth is, you'll find that by achiveing this sort of balance you seem to outline here you will probably outcast yourelf from things a deep part of you activly needs to keep yourself mentaly healthy. true health isnt just keeping a healthy diet. it also includes keeping up with your mental needs and achiving a sort of happiness. if you dont you will become depressed or numb. which is worse is up to you and how you handle things. everyday you'll see oprotunities that present themselves to you, and they'll be little things. like once you get this little apartment, there will b this really hot chick that lives next door to you, or something. she'll always look at you with intrest but what will you do about it? probably nothing. you'll probably wuss out, go in you room and whack. if anything what you should be working on is diversifying yourself. if you round yourself out and becom more balaced, you an find more ways to apply yourself and better yourself and the situations you find yourself in.

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