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A Starter On Plumbing And Some Links

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Plumbing, from the Latin for lead (plumbum), is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for potable water systems and the drainage of waste.

- Wikipedia


Here are some links on Plumbing!


The History of Plumbing - Pompeii & Herculaneum - The title says it all! Here you find the History of plumbing.


Wikipedia - plumbing - Here you can find the history of plumbing pluss some more.


How Stuff Works - Plumbing - Here you can find out how plumbing works, and find some "do-it-yourself"-guides.


How Stuff Works - Plumbing Tools - Here you can find descriptions, information and "How to" on Tools that you use for plumbing.


How Stuff Works - How To Fix Sinks, Tubs, and Drains - The link says most of it. Here you can find detailed descriptions on how to fix sinks, tubs, and drains.


How Stuff Works - Fixing a Toilet - This here is great! Here you find a detailed description/Guide on how to fix your toilet.


And finally: The Plumbing Care Handbook - This has detailed guides on everything concerning plumbing (I prefer the ones over, but this one includes other guides too)


Post more links, dicuss and give tips to others. Share experiences and make this forum come alive.


Good Luck, Have fun


Happy Plumbing

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Interesting topic and interesting post. It even includes links about the history of plumbing. I am sure knowing what people did many years ago with plumbing will offer insightful thoughts to help some today?s plumbing headaches. I wish I had the opportunity to look at a post like this when I had my plumbing headache. I bought my house new. The front yard of the house was on a slope. My main sewage pipe ran underneath this slope to the city sewage system. Anyway, there was this sewage problem. At first, we could hear loud noise when flushing a toilet and when the washer dumped water to the system. We had no idea what the noises meant as we had had no such experience before. Not longer after that, we started to notice that sewage would come up from the system; it got into a bath tub! So, it was fun to clean up!The sewage would show up in the house and, after a while, would disappear. Anyway, to make a long story short, the sewage pipe was partially blocked by something underneath the front yard. Toilet paper would accumulate in that partially blocked section and would block the system at some point. But, the toilet paper could handle only so much load. As more sewage accumulated on top of the paper and as the toilet paper was soaked in the sewage water, it would weaken and eventually broke. So, the sewage would periodically show up in the house and would suddenly go away with a big banning noise.Anyway, that was a lot of fun. One needed good luck to resolve a problem like that with relatively low cost or small amount of work if you would do it on your own. And, indeed, one would need to wish him/herself happy plumbing no matter what.

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