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The Awakening

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Currently, I am reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin for my 11th grade English class. I don't really care for the novel. Kate Chopin is just not one of my favorite authors! I think most of her plot matter is sort of repetitive and blunt. There just isn't any action in her novels. Well, The Awakening was heavily criticized when it first came out in the late 1800's or something like that. I guess this was a period of time before women's rights were out. That is basically the whole subject of the book: women's emancipation. The main character of the book, Edna Pontellier, is married to a somewhat controlling husband by the name of Leonce Pontellier. Well, the reader sees how Edna is starting to assert her independence and has this feeling of need to be free from her husband's grasp. She ends up falling in love with a dear friend of hers, Robert Lebrun; however, she kisses another man by the name of Alcee Arobin when Robert goes away to Mexico for some unknown reasons. So, Edna spends the majority of her time with Mme. Reisz, a very good pianist who is more than willing to play her music for Edna. The music soothes Edna's soul, and she feels that she can be free while with Reisz. Anyway, I last finished off with the part where Edna leaves her husband's home while he is away in New York on business. I will post more about my thoughts as I continue reading the book. ;) I am glad to soon be done wit it....sort of a bore!

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