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The Corruption Legions

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Hello you people out there. If you want to join a clan then this is what your looking for! This clan isnt for Runescape tho (sorry) But we play several Games like FPS and RTS games. Did i mention it's a Division Clan? lol


Leader: <TCL>Chaosboy



<TCL> Forty-Two



Iron Warriors

Co-Leader: <TCL> Chrome Fusion (Iron Warriors leader,Co-Leader)


<TCL> Alucard Tepes


Wing Apocalypse

Co-Leader: ( Wing Apocalypse leader, Co-leader)


<TCL> DefconraZor32


World Eaters

Co-Leader:<TCL> SuperMonster (World Eaters leader, Co-Leader)




Co-Leader:<TCL> Diablo


<TCL> Noob-Saibot

[TCL] Wartorncove


UT2004 Divisions:


Blood Ravens

Co-Leader: [TCL] Experiment (Blood Ravens Leader, Co-leader )


[TCL] X-Ray

[TCL] Zwerg1hero




[bA] Black Adders, [GBTW] Great Battle Toasts Warriors, #TBC# The Black Corvids






Games we play:

FPS: ST,Zdaemon,Odamex,UT2004,UT G.O.T.Y, Q3, Enemy Territory, Alien Arena, Battle Field 2142, Quake 4,Doom 3,Deus Ex,Deus Ex Invisible War, War Rock, Nexuiz, Battle Field 2, Battle Field 2142

RTS: Dawn of War Dark Crusades, Starcraft, Age of Mythology, Yuri's Revenge, Command and Conquer 3, Medieval Total War, Supream Commander


We are Free from tryouts. Hope some of you may join! :lol: And yes you could recruit your own members when you had your own Division.


Clan Forums: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Corruption_Legions/index.php

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Sorry for bumping but i had updated the Clan List and The Games we played above. And yes were STILL recruiting right now so if you want to join, Join the Clan Forums or PM me here. We are free from taking tryouts so If you want to join then i'll decide if you wanted to be in or not.

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