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Im Makin New Clan Now Recruitin Any1... In Runescape new clan lookin for people who want to join and play runescape

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ok im a runescape play my stats are:







my username is XfartX my normal free world is world 13 my normal members world is world:26 im makin a new clan called Clan dA (Dark Angles) to join post somthin here or message me the clan is open to any1 im lookin for good loyal members message me on runescape or here if u need me ill be trainin my combat on runescape either against lessers or moss giants well later. ps.high ranks are avalible but u will have to earn them clan will have squadrons tournies ranks clan wars and so on so message me on runescape or here later site is clanda.bnet-host.net

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If your member, use pest control to get your combat stats all to 99 and build the highest altar in your home for 99 prayer by just buying dragon bones. Then you should start a clan but honestly, I think now is a little too early.

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