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Wap/ Mobile Support? What ya think? Read on...

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Hey admin, or whoever reads these,

As soon as I get my hosting account, my site is oriented upon a bunch of topics. One of them being mobile phone "stuff" from java midlets, to ringtones, to wallpapers, It's all about making your life more convient by using your phone.

Xisto.com isn't just a site for making posts, and requesting hosting once you have ten posts, or 25, and get upgraded. It's also a community. A grouping of people together, and that's why people SHOULD stay active. I think making the community more accessible by adding Lo-Fi access for people with dial-up connections and such, was an excellent idea. And taking that alot further, and adding WAP (Wireless Access Protocol, I think) Support would be even more productive, and would help more people stay active. I had a long strech at one point where I was out of state, away from the internet for three weeks at a time, and had nothing but my wireless internet enabled cell phone, I wanted very much to get ahold of a computer in order to keep my account active here, however it got deleted during my period of inactivity. If that feature had been installed prior to that time, I would've been without that inconvinience. I'm sure I'm not the ONLY person that would appreciate that service, but I strongly reccomend a test/trial period to see how many people use it, before completely ruling out that that option. By visiting http://www.sprintusers.com/ via your PC you will realize that many of the users there post and stay active through their phones. (Even though it is a phone oriented site, that would be a requirement) but I'm an active member there, and I can stay up-to-date on sprint phone information, and how my newly made friends are doing on the forums, just by pressing a couple buttons. I Hope this idea will be taken into consideration, and If you need any information on how to offer that particular service, Let me know, and I'll get in touch with the webmaster at sprintusers.com (Who runs IPB also) and I'll be sure to find out how he made his accessibility possible.

Thank you for your time, and consideration.
Christopher D. Merchant
Tha Blk Panda

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