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Lawnmowers For hilly terrain, rough landscape

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When you live on rough acreage on a sloping hill, it's better if you have some way to mow down the brush and weeds so it doesn't look like a weed forest or some kind of perverted jungle and looks somewhat civilized. Furthermore you really cut down on the mosquitoes by cutting down their habitat. One handy tool I'm going to buy coming up pretty soon is an ATV to aid in my quest to do more forest management and to use as a snowplow in the winter. I've chosen the Arctic Cat Diesel 700 because it's, well, diesel. I've visited the idea of buying a 42" rough cut mower (1.5" to 5" height adjustment) to drag behind it but I'm unsure about the stability and maneuverability on the hills and such. It's priced, retail, at $1800.00 USD. The other option I've been looking at is at http://www.drpower.com/power-equipment/field-brush-mowers/ and costs $3313.30. I'm afraid I'm stretching my luck money-wise a bit thinking of buying both in the same year. But I'm committed not to shovel all that snow again by hand next year or go trampling through the woods with the chainsaw in tow wearing heavy clothing in the summer; I'm getting too old for that! I'm also sick of facing the lawn from hell every year without a good solution. What other options are out there? Keep in mind I'm on 20 acres on a hillside that's about a 250ft. vertical rise from bottom to top. Our yard for lawn mowing purposes is about two acres and very hilly and full of fun things like stumps and rocks.

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