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Connecting Php With Oracle Database

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i need to connect oracle with php ..now me using oracle 10g can any one give me the solution

First question, Are you using PHP over Windows or Linux?

if your answer is Windows, the best and easy way will be ODBC, but you reach the basic point if you can communicate with ODBC. now the drivers are propietary from Oracle so you need to install the comminication package first in order to enable ODBC, you can try by open Excell and make a Data>Get External Data>New Database Query and follow the wizard. Now if you can do this and you still can't connect using PHP the next question is Did you compile PHP including the Oracle Parameter? if not Voila that is the solution. you need to go back an recompile PHP including the Oracle driver for PHP .

if your answer was Linux you need to get the drivers from Oracle to connect linux or the Client software from Oracle for Linux, and the recompile the PHP in order to get the connection with Oracle.

There is a very good help on PHP.net about recompile and select the options you need to do this.

Good Luck.

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