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Wrestling... How Well Does It Transfer To Combat?

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Wrestling is a sport that has seen much controversy in the past couple of years. Some have recognised it as an incredible sport requiring showmanship, strength and disci-pline, others see it as a fake sport that requires little to no skill. Regardless of how you see Wrestling, the question has loomed for quite some time now - how useful would it be in a fight? Well, to begin with, we feel it?s worth mentioning that although most wrestling events are choreographed, the moves performed and skills attained are of the highest quality and require utter control, tonnes of nerve, a lot of practice and loads of strength and training to pull off, but having said this, we must consider if it has any worth in a street fight.The first down side to wrestling is that it is usually very well rehearsed, and so on the streets the techniques and disciplines attained in martial arts that allow you to adapt to any situation or attack are lost. Also, because a lot of the moves are planned, the at-tacker is not used to a moving, blocking, fighting opponent and so the simulation of free sparring is not present.With this said, what you must remember is wrestlers are trained professionals, and there training demands maximum strength and ?toughness?. Even if the move is re-hearsed, it doesn?t mean that it doesn?t hurt! Wrestlers hold the key ability to withstand immense punishment and stay on their feet. Also, even though there moves are not used in live combat situations, their shows are based on true fight styles or combat techniques, and in the right circumstances, there?s very little doubt as to whether or not they could pull off some pretty impressive techniques. Wrestlers are also very good at throwing people! In a grappling situation, due to sheer experience a wrestler is quite likely to come out on top, unless the opponent has vast martial arts experience in grap-pling arts such as Jujitsu or Judo. So, with that said, as well as their general strength and fitness, it?d be fair to say that any wrestler, although not as skilled and capable in a live combat situation as a martial artists is more than likely to ?handle themselves? against untrained attackers.You must also consider that a martial artist trains to defend themselves, a wrestlers trains to perform a good fight for an audience. There are different motives, and different reasoning behind each. Although generally, a martial arts master is likely to beat a wrestling champ, you have to consider that champ up against an untrained person...

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