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Error On Emailer.php & Smtp.php At Phpbb ERROR on emailer.php smtp.php at PhpBB

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Are you use free webhosting??? smtp.php and emailer.php are general error on CMS like phpBB . It make email verification disabled.Why??? because free webhosting not allow us use smtp port .they afraid their server will atacking with spam !! so what solution to solve this problem?? You can search on google or join at phpBB forum !!! but if it can not solve all this problem it only able 1 trick ..you must download emailer MOD at http://www.phpbbhacks.com/ to inactive emailer.php or smtp.php

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These free webhosting doesn't offer SMTP option in it's service, you want a solution for your problem?.. so why you are here? :P Xisto host is like a proffesional host you can see it's features in the home page.

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Free hosting services disables mail(). and phpBB uses this function to send mail. You need to find a hosting server that have mail() enabled to use phpBB.

I suggest addyour.net

It offers,

* 500MB hosting space (infact unlimited currently)* 5 MySQL databases
* php 4
* php.mail() enabled
* supports phpBB
* nice FTP access with 5 FTP accounts
* excellent cpanl
* 5 Free POP3 and SMTP mail accounts
* 5GB/month BW
* Domain: username.b4site.com or username.4mak.net
* five sub-domains
* Custom error pages
* No forum posting required

check it out: /legacy
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