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Animal Crossing Ds Review

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PresentationYou turn on the game, and see a fairly simple screen. On the top is the start menu - on the bottom is a focused view on one of the animals in your town. Pressing start allows you access an option menu - all of the options are fairly self explanatory except for Tag Mode, which is soon explained. Generally, Nintendo did a great job on the presentation. However, some characters have lost their "Where Am I?" making it hard on beginners.Also, one thing to note. When you turn on your character, it takes a minute to load your town. I am wondering why this is, considering everything is perfect on the opening screen. It seems as though Nintendo put that in there to annoy us!Overall Presentation : 190/200Final notes: Nintendo, you don't need loading times.Controlling the GameI hate to say it, but the controls are rather terrible. Sure, they work and are above and beyond what is expected. However, there is just so much more that could've been done! Something that would've helped would be an option that allowed you to only control the items menus by touch screen - allowing you to control your character on the top screen. The touch screen controls are strange - it seems impossible to open my cabinets using the touch screen. Overall, the controls were exceptional, but in a game with so many options and so much movement, I think Nintendo should've tried harder.Overall Control: 79/100Final Notes: I would think everyone at Nintendo would be trying to maximize control to practice for the RevolutionGraphical FeelThere really isn't much to say here. Animal Crossing basically hits graphics as hard as possible for the DS. When you're running up, sometimes your patterns will have black lines. Some things are a little blocky. Overall Graphics: 99/100Smooth?I think the framerate could be a little better. The game doesn't really feel very smooth - when you run into trees, they become blocks for a split second and sometimes the game will lag up on you. Still, everything is decent.Overall Smooth: 40/50Final Notes: Great for such a poor spec systemSoundThe DS seems to have some sound issues every once in a while. I have noticed the echoing even more in Animal Crossing : Wild World. However, the sounds are otherwise great. K.K. Slider has a beautiful voice and I have had an enjoyable time listening to him.Overall Sound: 49/50Final Notes: Animal Noises are weird.MultiplayerI'm going to only touch the Wi-Fi Connection here. Easy interface, easy to connect. I have problems going to other's towns sometimes, but only on the weekends. Generally, going to a friend's town is AMAZING! The chatting is easy - and everything is practically perfect. Extra features, like Blanca, make it even better. There's so many possibilities!Overall Multiplayer: 100/100Final Notes: I love the way Nintendo is going online.LengthThis is an awful section. Simply put, the game goes on forever. Play it for half an hour a day and you'll never get bored.Overall Length: 100/100Fun levelFor some, the game is fun. For some, the game is life. For some, the game is work. Animal Crossing : Wild World is free for all. You do what you want, when you want. Don't like someone? Push them around. Want to get revenge at a friend? Invite 'em over, and stick 'em in a Pitfall. Animal Crossing : Wild World is as fun as you want it to be. Enough said.Overall Fun: 200/200Final Notes: HAHAHAHA YOU FELL IN MY PITFALL U NEWBExtrasI cannot honestly grade this part. There are so many things nobody knows about - for example, it took days after the game was released for people to find out about feathers. Who knows what else there is? Note: My Turban rules.Overall Extras: 100/100Final Notes: Note: My Turban Rules.Overall, I greatly enjoyed this game and will continue to enjoy it. Overall Grade: 858/1000 Grade Level: B Above Average Note / this will be a higher grade than most games.

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