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New Free Mmorpg - Opens 1st Of April

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Our Rates:

5x 5x 3x


Our Goal:

To provide a Ragnarok Server that is as similar to retail as possible.


Our Mission:

We will be working on quests and items which Ragnarok has implemented, but other servers have failed to provide. We will also provide fun and creative events for you to participate in.



We accept donations however there are no ?item rewards? for those donations in order to keep a balanced server.



We will have few customs, such as extra hair styles, hair colors and clothes dyes but nothing that breaks the balance of the game.


Opening Date:


Ragnarok NOW (Powered by Invision Power Board)



Instructions to get Connected.


1. Download the Sakray Client.

Game Downloads, Game Patches - FileFront.com


2. Run Sakray Installer.


3. Update Sakray using the Auto-Patcher.

(Run Sakray and wait until the patch

process has finished.)


4. Download the RagnaNow Patch.




5. Run Ragnanow.exe

The patch will automatically download.


6. Register with the server.

RagnaNow Control Panel


7. Enjoy! (Optional)

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How big is your team running Ragnarok?? Is it a simple development or a company development??If you want a newbie programmer for a helper i'd enjoy the experience, if you guys are doing a kind of home development. I am java trained, c tolerant, and just bored atm i guess :unsure:

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This is awesome, I'll definitely give it a shot soon. I'll probably be on in the next 2 or 3 days. I haven't played RO in almost a year, this will be fun. :)

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