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Data Access Pages ? Help or Assistance with creating a data access page to collect data fr

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Hello All.
I'm looking for some advise or assistance with getting a web page/access page running so that i can have the page online and collect the data live into my database for Project Management...

Currently I'm developing a database using M$ Access, and need to have staff data enter sales information directly into a web form that can be linked to a database?

I've looked at using a M$ Front page web form with data collected into a .CSV text file and extracting the data but i need to be able to let the staff review and update the data for each file?

Any ideas or suggestions would be very great fully appreciated? or if someone knows of a better system or set of software that will work better for me I would be really very thankful.

Looking forward to some assistance with this request.

Sorry to post this message twice but just noticed this topic string and felt that I may have more luck here with the assistance that I am looking for.

Any assistance with the topic would be really helpful.

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First of all. Is this a big project? It's going to last more than a year? if the answer is yes. Please don't use Access.Now. You want to create a webpage and save information and also the users can come back anytime and update the information.if you're good programming on the web and the plataform for you company is microsoft you can use Frontpage with IIS and MS SQL server using ASP as code is like VisualBasic.If don't know how to do this you can use FileMaker Pro, is like Access but more robust and it can create webpages on the fly with the ability of updates and reports; it's pretty cool. a little bit expensive but It worth it. you don't need to know a lot of web programming or database programming at all. Hope this help!!

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