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Broadcasting Through Wireless Network

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Hi All,I'm trying to run a Shoutcast radio on my home PC, trouble is that i'm on a wireless network at both of my homes, meaning that I can't broadcast through, I'm not allowed to mess with settings on routers and I have recently got Sky Broadband which is a right pain as it is so secure, we can't even link printers!So basically, if anyone can find me a way of getting through my router without messing with settings or no-ip or hamachi, please reply.ThanksAdam @ RipsawEDITI'm using HAMACHI if anyone would like to test it, read my sig.

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For broadcast you need to know your Wireles adapter IP address /click on wirel. adapter tray icon then go Status tab and you see your IP address and gateway/.
Same parameters you must have on your Shoutcast radio software settings for broadcast .With right IP address setings you broadcast to any client on wir. network , and with right IP for gateway you broadcast to internet.Client PC must have in sett. for player your IP address.
If dont work please visit https://portforward.com/error.cgi to find right solutions for your wireless router . :unsure:

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