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0ur World Now [0wn]

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Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne


0wN is a league squad founded by Ap0calypse in 2004. We have been competing actively in tournaments and in ladder since than and have picked up multiple league wins and championships. We have many in-clan competitions and competitions, as well as fun events we do on our forums like "rap battles". We have alot of fun together and know almost everyone by name!


Our current roster is:


Posted Image King.aL

Posted Image Stealthie

Posted Image RisingTide

Posted Image R1Fle

Posted Image Fedgie

Posted Image m00.

Posted Image Romstar

Posted Image Jets

Posted Image Argento

Posted Image WorpeX

Posted Image Lurker

Posted Image hurricane

Posted Image GuK.

Posted Image cG.Tip

Posted Image Allied-X

Posted Image Ap0cAlYpTiC


Recent War results:


Absolute Last Hope E-gaming [LH] vs Our World Now [0wN]


LasT.AeG.Gtok [1:2] king.al

LasT.AeG.Dayve [2:0] RisingTide

LasT.AeG.Squall [0:2] Stealthie

LasT.AeG.nL [2:0] Fedgie

LasT.AeG.Gosuonline + LasT.AeG.Squall [0:2] RisingTide + Stealthie


LH 2:3 0wN


Our World Now [0wN] vs neXt sTage [xT]


R1fle [2:1] xT.D-33

Hurricane[0wN] [0:2] xT.dK

JetS[0wN] [2:0] xT.Shakti

Fedgie[0wN] [1:2] xT.Gon

JetS[0wN] & Stealth[0wN] [1:2] xT.dK + xT.Gon


0wn [2:3] xT


CORE [CORE] vs Our World Now [0wN]


Battle.Nuqqa [0:2] RisingTide

Darq_Zero [0:2] King.aL

Zond [0:2] Stealthie

xxx [0:0] xxx - Monday 10 PM EST

Battle.Nuqqa + Darq_Zero [0:2] Stealthie + RisingTide


CORE [0-4] 0wn

If you would like to join stop by our website and fill out an application! We're always willing to accept new players into our ranks!

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