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Select Comfort -negative Review good faith doesnt exist here

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We bought, rather I bought a 2nd from the top of the line eastern king select comfort mattress and foundation several months ago and after moving our existing bed to the guest room I decided to hire a contractor and finish the master bedroom before setting up the new bed. So time goes by and finally I finish with the trim and paint and we set up the bed and sleep on it. It doesn't really bother me, but my wife wakes up with her neck and back hurting. We gave the bed three more nights, and her discomfort was such that she couldn't stand it any more. We pleaded with the company to let us return it to them but even though we'd only used it four nights and it was still in completely new condition and packed back in the original boxes, they wouldn't let us return it because we had possession of it for over the 30 days their return policy states. We tried the Atty. General, the BBB, and we disputed the charge of well over $3,500 on my credit card. We still haven't heard back on the credit card, but I'd be real surprised if they rule in our favor. Stay away from this company's products. They're very cheaply made, cost a lot, won't last and their warranty won't protect your purchase because it's a weakening warranty which means the more time goes by the more you'll have to pay out of pocket to collect on the warranty just like a car battery. Furthermore, the company won't do anything to make things right with a dissatisfied customer no matter how nicely you ask or who you get to ask them in your stead. Stick with Costco. No one has a return policy like they do.

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