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Winmorph V3.01

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WinMorph v3.01


WinMorph is a high performance morphing and warping software. With over 400,000 downloads and much more distributed through PC magazines and their CDROMs, WinMorph enjoys a very wide userbase, have been used in movies such as Dreamcatcher and real life projects such as roadshows for promoting products.


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Platform: Currently only available for Windows, but will be ported soon to linux.


Architecture: Works standalone, and also as a plug-in for Adobe Premiere, Vegas Video and Wax.


Version: Latest version is 3.01.


Performance/Quality: One of the fastest warping/morphing software available today, with very high quality output and user control.




*Professional quality warping and morphing tools.


*Works both as a standalone application and as a plug-in for various video editors to get best of both worlds.


*Intuitive shape-based morphing for both ease of use and high degree of freedom.


*Advanced keyframing, blending and distortion tools for total control.


*Can do dynamic morphing (also called video morphing).


*Input file formats include JPEG,BMP,PCX,PNG,PBM,TGA,TIFF.


*Output file formats include JPEG,BMP,PNG,TGA,TIFF,AVI,MPEG and SWF (that's right, Flash!).


Download here

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Right, well it sounds like it has a nice user community behind it, but what exactly does it do? I mean what IS warping software and what makes it worth a download? You have nice long post there but there is no real description of what the software actually does or anything. You say things like it's one of the fastest available today with a high output? But what exactly is it outputting and how fast is fast? A day a week a year? A millenia?Also, you say that it is new, well the page you are linking to is in a directory /win95/ I wouldn't consider 12 years ago new, nor would I consider Windows Ninety Five new either!You also said it will soon be ported to linux? Which distibutions, how easy will it be to install on linux? Will it be RPM or will it come with certain distribution MO installations for easy modules installation? If it's coming soon, you should have information like that.Please do inform us a little more before expecting us to download. Especially with a third-party link. I don't want to be clicking on other sites that I don't know whether or not to trust if I don't know what I am clicking on!Grey.

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Morphing is to make a figure/character "change into" something else in a strange and beautiful way, you have to see it to fully understand what it looks like. The Morph-effect was used alot in the TV-series "Charmed" when a man turned into a demon.


A High output could be talking about the qality of the rendering, that you could render a morph in resolutions worth a cinema-movie, or I'm totaly wrong :D .


I also understand that you don't fully thrust a third-party site, but take a look at their official site, where you can read more about the product, and see what it really is.


Read about the program, and about the Linux-plans at:

The WinMorph offical website


I Hope this information has been helpful, and I highly recomend to take a look at the site, WinMorph can be alot of fun if you try to use it :P




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