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Advanced Solutions In Sig Making

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Advansed solutions in sig making


Ok,...first of all,... this tutorial is for people that knows the

basics,... so beginners sorry,...

I will try to learn you how to make sig like this


Posted Image


Step 1: The most important thing is that you know what you want

to do,... we can say that this is stock sig,... but it's also

much more,... we will use many stock images, brushes

smudge, filters, c4d and anything that we will fill necessary

for our sig to look nice,...

When you desided what you want as your sig there it's

time for gathering materials,... google is your frend,...

I want to present croatian hotness in scence of a girls , so I

find some stock images from Nina Moric...


Posted Image


Step 2: This is just for you to see how it looks my PS when I start

to work on my sig,...I opened many pictures on Nina,

some other girls, some c$d and this tunnel picture,...

Why all this? You will see,...

Now you make new document, dimension what you want,

I want 500x150,...

now you copy all this pictures in the new document

making one layer for every picture,.. when you did that,

you can kill all the pictures,... now we have something

like this,...


Posted Image


Posted Image


So you can see that i have 13 layers,

you can also see that there is lighter and darker pictures,

obviosly for the depth help late on and light distribution,..

SOme of this pictures is to big,.. but we'll transform

that when the time is right.

Until now you should know what is your main stock.

Make all layers invisible exept the main stock,...

I've deside for this one,... I resize it a little bit.


Posted Image


Posted Image


Step 3: I want you to notice layer background and the layer

main stock,... everything under is reference pictures that

you've put at the beginning

tip: then you copied picture you plan to use and resized

it how you think it's good I suggest to make another copy

of it, but not with keyboard shortcut ctrl+j then with



ctrl+j duplicate layer and everything exceeding you sig border is taking your

memory.We want only that's inside the borders,

that's why we used copy/paste. Of course now you can delete layer from

wich you made copy,...


Posted Image


Step 4: Now we start with interesting stuff,.. I chose first picture

from that pile that looks interesting,... the parts that occupide me is

strips of dress,.. I erased some parts, under,.. for erases i've used

some abstract brush on 30% opacity,.. I've erased the white stuff from the main render

on the right side,.. not particularly precise,... but at this

moment it's not much importance,...(yes I've made copy

of a main render,... my moto is to make copy for any changes you want

to make on some part,... so I always have some starting position of I deside

that's somenthing wrong and I want to change some things,...)

Now procide to do the same things with other pictures,...

If you find some picture nor usefull,... simplly live it invisible of delete it,...



Posted Image


Step 5: I will show you few stages in this process,...

'cause it would be to much to write everything I did here,...

This is after two more pictures incorprorated into a future sig,...

Again I used erase tool for erasing parts I found undersired, I used some filters on

some parts,.. Like radial blur,... but really it's not important,... you have to decide

on you own what you need and what you thinj would look nice,...


Posted Image



Step 6: I used all my prepared pictures and now it's time to play

with some c4d,.. even at this stage this sig looks really nice,

but i want somenthing more,... I will use only one c4d, but you're free to use how many you

want as long as you know what you want,...

Before i go further,I mustsay that the effect on pictures

above i got with little smudging and using blur/sharp and burn/doogle tool,...


Posted Image


Step 7: This is the only c4d i've used,... and this is what i get after

using it,... now i will make some final touch with some big abstract brushes,...


Posted Image


What color to use for brush?

Try something similar to use of color from your sig,...

the best thing id that you use eyedropper tool and pick one

color derectly from the sig,...

This is what I've got after brushing


Posted Image


Step 8: Now it's time to use some grd map and to play little

with color balance,... hue/saturation and other layer options,...

First i use grad map


Posted Image


this green color is R-G-B = 45-65-15


Posted Image


i set this grad map to a soft light and eraced it above her face,...

now it's time for hue/saturation,...


Posted Image




Posted Image


This is what i like to use in my sigs,.. so for this time

I chose light yellow and paint the layer with it, after that

I've put lens flare on place where i think that most light is



Posted Image


This is setings for the lens flare and

down there is the result after i've used gaussian blur to kill that light circles

and smooth the color spreading,..

i set thet layer on 70% color burn and you can see the results,...


Posted Image


Step 9: It's time for some text and to finished this up,...

For 'nin' letters I've used Tahoma and for 'A' i've used Pecot Upper font,

some bevel/emboss and i lower the opacity on80%


Also i put another layer between the letters and brushed with black

to point out that letters above that big A,...

After that image apply,... ctrl+a/ ctrl+shift+c/ ctrl+shift+v,

copy that layer once more and set opacity on 80% and mode to soft light,...


Posted Image


Step 10: If you followed my advice the main stock layer is intact,...

make one more copy of it and more it on top set this layer to darken 50%

Image apply and we are dome,... save as .psd and as .jpg or .png

ididn; mentioned in tutorial,... but i make .psd save many time in the process due to a syster

break down and 'cause numerous reasons,...

This is final result


Posted Image


I hope that you've learned something and that you find the result very atractive,...

I didn'texplain everything to the small detailes 'cause this is for advansed users who

will understand everything i daid here,...

this tut is also posted to : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Notice from truefusion:
Added quotes. Thanks for informing us.

Edited by Sudden (see edit history)

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Interesting tutorial, not to keen on the text though, could use a lens flare to give it the extra coolness and add to the depth more, might need a bit more brushing for depth as well, but good tutorial either way.

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Interesting tutorial, not to keen on the text though, could use a lens flare to give it the extra coolness and add to the depth more, might need a bit more brushing for depth as well, but good tutorial either way.

Yeah, mainly what saint said. Not exactly liking the text, but either way its all good. I really like the outcome of this, i'll have to use it in one of my sig's one time. I just tryed it out, works pretty dang good. Keep up the good work. ;)

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