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Need Help: Researching Mental Institutions Need background for a respectful portrayal for a story

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This is a strange request, but hopefully someone here in Xisto can help me get started at least.


In an episode for Vampyre Hymn (one of my series), the characters end up having to hunt vampires in a mental institution (Don't ask. LOL). This has several consequences because of the world set up in VH, what with some people being able to alter small segments of reality, and then ALTERING some of those people's preception of reality - but that stuff I've already worked out.


My problem is I want to portray the actual institute, employees, and general patients both accurately and respectfully. This is not "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - this is a hospital dedicated to helping good people deal with serious mental problems that have made it difficult to impossible to function in society.


Being how this particular episode will be set in the mid 90s, I'm also not entirely certain WHERE to start looking for specifics.


Can anyone direct me to research, descriptions, or other background I can use to improve my portrayal?


Story specifics:

- Time: Mid to late 90s. I haven't worked out the exact year yet, but this decade is necessary for other story reasons.

- Place: Anywhere in the United States. I haven't picked a specific state or area yet, so if someone finds me a lot of information about a specific region, I can just set the episode there.

- Institute: Treats middle to upper class patients, generally self-admitted or by family members. Range of disorders treated should inclulde schizophrenia, although ideally many different mental disorders should be represented by the patients.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to give! ^-^


And appologies for anyone that now thinks ~I~ need to be admitted to such a hospital. ^-^

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