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Brandon Smith

Timegamer Company's Website http://www.timegamercompany.piczo.com

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That site is disgusting, ( I am realy sorry to say that, but it is the truth)First of all, Piczo is a total embarrasement for anyone who uses it. They allow you to do one thing at a time, you get a banner in your website, it is really hard to manipulate, you are limited to a certain number of photos, and a ton of other negative thing. Building your site offline is really the best thing, to get a professionnal website. You can find hosting on this site, wich offers space to put your site in. So that way you can make your site locally, then upload it. If you want a nice, professionnal website for your site in a very short time, then I suggest you google and search for free or paid templates, download on, then modify it it to suit your needs, then upload it here after getting the 10 or 30 credits. That is a nice and easy way to make a professionnal looking site, and especially banner free. Those are just the basics, there is alot more than that. If you needed more information, then just drop me a PM. Hope you luck!!*EDIT*Why do you call your site a company?

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