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We Made Our Own Forum Software

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We have made a forum software by the name of Advanced Electron Forum(AEF).
Its not that advanced right now and is under BETA since 24th November 2006.


Well most of the features of posts, threads, polls, BBC, notifications, unread posts and threads etc are done.
The UserCP is almost complete and has the PM system to sed messages and all.
The user CP was fully complete but due to a major changeover in theme loading and settings we have to make minor changes due to which there would be some errors.

The Login and the Registration System has been fully completed.
The Login system includes all the advanced things like Sign In, Forgot Password, Reset Password, Secret question and answer to reset password or via email, forgot username etc.
The Registration also is equipped with such features of COPPA, security images and all.

The theme is still not that great and was made in a hurry. But once done would be ausum and our theme designs have been popular on SMF forums as well. But before that we would have to complete the main tools.

We are BETA testing this software and would be obliged if you consider to Join In.

Please do register there or post what you think about the software under development.
Thanks and have a good day.

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If I have the time tomorrow, I will download and test your forum here in my local web server. :rolleyes: I love beta testing and bug tracking.BTW, what is the reason behind this stuff of developing a new BBS and not modify/recreate/develop existing Open-source BBS?**Edit**Funny me, I didn't checked out the link first and see what's up there. I realized that the software isn't downloadable. But hey, I trust you guys that you will come up with a good BBS like what you've done with the electron theme which I admired. :)

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Well thanks for that.

The reason we wanted to create our own forum core was to get full control over it and to eliminate unnecessary stuff that was there in some open source.

We would know better if it is our own make rather than a edited one based on open source.

This version will be availble soon for download and will feature much more things than the others.

But this wont be before December as this my very important year of my studies which would determine my future.

As a result we are getting less time to sit on the software and develop it.


But I want to complete as fast as possible and better than the rest.

You could test posting in :


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