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Password Recovery Mail Not Sent

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hi everyones,

I've seen many posts on problems with passwordrecovery and I've tried to do everything that is suggested, but still it doesn't work. I've also seen several posts where the communication stoppes at the following problem: everything seems fine but the e-mail is not sent or at least not recieved.

In my web.config file I have this:

<system.net><mailSettings><smtp from="-the e-mail from address-"><network host="neptun" password="" userName="" /></smtp></mailSettings></system.net>

In IIS I've configured SMTP with relay restrictions to and the local IP.
Port 25 is tested and it is open and the firewall is open.

I get no error message when I try to use the PasswordRecovery site and I get the message that the e-mail is sent.

The SMTP log shows the following (which I don't understand - to me it seems ok):

..., 14:29:10, SMTPSVC1, NEPTUN,, 16, 11, 164, 250, 0, EHLO, -, +neptun,
..., 14:29:10, SMTPSVC1, NEPTUN,, 16, 31, 44, 250, 0, MAIL, -, +FROM:<-the specified from address->,
..., 14:29:10, SMTPSVC1, NEPTUN,, 16, 25, 28, 250, 0, RCPT, -, +TO:<-the correct to address ->,
..., 14:29:10, SMTPSVC1, NEPTUN,, 218, 366, 119, 250, 0, DATA, -, <NEPTUNtKTEGWS4BLOZd0000000a@neptun>,
..., 14:30:49, SMTPSVC1, NEPTUN,, 98921, 366, 119, 0, 99000, QUIT, -, neptun,

Both g-mail address and yahoo e-mail address have been tried.

Any ideas what more to do to make this work?


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