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Nintendo Wii Update - Games A post about all of the new games coming out on the Wii

Nintendo Wii - Games  

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As we get closer and closer to the launch of the Wii more and more details about the games are coming to us.

You can now pre-order most games from all good retailers.

Nintendo have announced that 27 titles will be out in UK at launch.

I would like to know what games people are looking forward to so I can make up my own mind. I have already decided to buy Red Steel but I am not pre-ordering!

Here is some info about the five games in the poll:

The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess
Publisher: Nintendo

We could have been playing this a year ago on GameCube, but Nintendos decision to hold it back in order to integrate Wii control could prove a masterstroke. Now confirmed as a Wii launch title, Twilight Princess will singlehandedly offer the triple-A quality which the GameCube's own launch lineup lacked. With the GameCube version now put back to December, this is surely the title everyone will want to play on their new Nintendo system - and with motion-sensitive arrow aiming and controller-swinging swashbuckling in the offing, we cant blame them.

Red Steel
Publisher: Ubi Soft

Another launch title, Ubi Softs intriguing Japanese-themed first-person action title promises a unique oriental flavour that would improve the cultural diversity of any systems games catalogue. More importantly, it may just be the game that gets the most out of the innovative control system on day one ironic, considering its also a thirdparty title. By moving with the Nunchuk analogue stick, shooting with the wand B trigger, and both aiming guns and swinging swords with the Remote, were hoping to really feel like a badass Yakuza in a way a joypad just couldnt achieve.

Rayman Raving Rabbids
Publisher: Ubi Soft

Not your typical Rayman platformer, Raving Rabbids is instead a less conventional collection of minigames offering yet another excellent example of the diversity of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Developed by Michel Ancel, the man behind the brilliant Beyond Good and Evil and the critically acclaimed King Kong videogame, players will control Rayman to partake in a variety of shooting, racing, rhythm-action and Warioware-style micro games in a bid to thwart the advances of an evil race of cute little alien bunnies. As ydo!

WarioWare : Smooth Moves
Publisher: Nintendo

Warioware and Wii is an obvious marriage, so it will be no surprise to see the minigame mad series making its debut amongst the new systems first generation titles. What is surprising is the sheer imagination applied to using the Remote in some of its tasks, with everything from balancing the controller in the palm of your hand to wiggling your hips holding it at your side required of the player with not a moments rest in between. This is sure to be a fan favourite, and could well be the title to launch the Wii as a multiplayer platform when it releases shortly after the machine itself.

Although it comes bundled with the Wii here is some info for Wii Sports:

Wii Sports
Publisher: Nintendo

Wii Sports will come as part of the package with Nintendo's new console, getting gamers used to the concept of motion-sensitive interaction with an intuitive, pick-up-and-play dynamic.

Presenting stylised forms of tennis, golf and baseball, as well as new additions bowling and boxing too, gamers will wave the Remote as a racquet, putt with it as a club, swing it as a bat, flick it as a bowling ball, or connect it to the Nunchuk to jab with both hands, in a variety of highly entertaining singleplayer and multiplayer games. If the depth of all the simulations holds up as hoped, then this could be an excellent piece of first-generation software to take home on day one.

Click Here To See All Of The Latest Screenshots For Wii Sports

All Pictures Are From The Nintendo UK Website

To View My Post About The Wii Channels Please Click Here

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