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Php - Fsockopen, Get, Etc - Help Needed

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I am writing a PHP script that gets the search results from here.
I can get the results from the first page fine, but when I try to get the next page, it doesn't return the correct results.

Try comparing the results from here, and searching for "Vampire" (In the "Name" text box) here.
The first page of results is the same, but when you go on the the second page of results, they are totally different.
This I think is because the "persist_search" (see the URI on the Planet Elder Scrolls Search) always seems invalid.

Is there any reason why the PHP would get a invalid "persist_search" ID, but searching with a browser wouldn't?

The source for the PHP is here and here, sorry about how messed up the code is, it is only a first draft, and I was also messing around with classes.

Thanks in advance for any help

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