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My Good Rap

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Yo I'm a wankstaI run from gangstasI roll with my crewAnd I know you're asking whoWell I'll tell yaCountry boys call them yellaMy boys are all whiteWe hardly get into fightsCuz we run away too farand we all give two har harscuz we weren't hitten with the barYo I'm a wankstaThere's no green for meI haven't been charged at all with a felonyI follow the law and run from it tooIf I'm charged with rapeI'll just say boo hooCuz I'm scared of jailThey'll rip me up cuz I'm frailAnd no one will buy my CDSo my parents will have a good reason to label me as failYo I'm a wanksta50 called me a fakestaHe said I run from the gunBut that's cuz I'm smartI don't wanna be shot in the heartSomeone with a gun came to himShot him 8 times and cuz he was too dimDon't get shot, move awayDon't get shot, run awayThats why most smart people are wankstasAt least we makes holes and don'ts gets holes you artardEff Fifty.

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