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Using And?or In A Mysql Query

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hi everyone, I have been trying to get a script to come up with the total number of comments a news item has under it news ------- id author posted title text news_comments ---------- id nid poster posted comment And I am using this query: SELECT n.id as id, n.author as author, n.posted as date, n.title as title, n.text as text, COUNT(c.id) as num_comments FROM news as n, news_comments as c WHERE n.id = c.nid GROUP BY n.id LIMIT 10 Of course that doesnt work because it only shows news entries that have comments, Ive been playing with using 2 queries but I havent found an efficiant way of doing it. 10x

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Ya LEFT JOIN it.Well the main feature of LEFT JOIN is that if the table that is being joined is empty with regards to a particular row(here your news item) it will add the table with the same fields but with the value NULL that is treated as false of empty in PHP

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