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Admin Pill Adobe Photoshop CS2

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Welcome to the admin pill tutorial, brought to you by Kenshin of KRP. You will learn how to make this admin pill.


Posted Image


This isn't the best example of what can be done, but you will understand how to do these and I look forward to seeing your results. Now lets begin.


Step 1. Open up a 78x21 document, and select the Rounded Rectangle Tool.


Step 2. Using the Rounded Rectangle Tool you have selected and create a shape on the document. Delete the vector mask and you should have something like this.


If its not selected as shown below click your Lasso Tool, hold ctrl and click the little picture on the layer pallet. If this does not work you've done something wrong. Now create a new layer.


Posted Image


Step 3. Add your color, select the paint bucket tool along with a color and paint the selected area as shown in step 2. I used 9b0505 for my color choice. Now you should have something like the following. Now create a new layer.


Posted Image


Step 4. Here you want to add a little glow sort of effect to your pill in the making. For this select your Elliptical Marquee Tool and make a selection but don't go to far. Then set the layer on soft light. You should now have something similar to this. Now create a new layer.


Posted Image


Step 5. Now the admin pill needs text, what better text to put on it then...Admin Pill. To do this select your Horizontal Type Tool. Type your text in my case Admin Pill. Now you want to try to center the text the best you can for the best results. I came up with this. Now create a new layer.


Posted Image


Step 6. Now you may have noticed some black along the outside and were wondering why don't I have that. This is because I forgot to take that off while I was making this tutorial. So this is how you do that. Right Click your shape layer, and click blending options. Now click drop shadow, don't just check it click the text drop shadow.


Posted Image


Step 7. Click your Lasso Tool, hold CTRL, and click the picture next to your color shape colored layer. This will put those "Marching Ants" around it. Right click the middle of the picture and hit select inverse. Now hit the delete button on your keyboard. Keeping the marching ants there click your layer 1 this should be where we added the glow type effect. And then hit delete. Create a new layer.


Step 8. A boarder this isn't hard. Click your Lasso Tool and hold CTRL. Then click the little picture for your colored layer on the layer pallet. Pick a similar color but darker then you had for your admin pill. I used, 600505. Now go to edit > stroke 1px inside and use the color you've just selected. Your all done congratulations. For best results save it as a gif in photoshop.


Note: This Tutorial was made in Adobe Photoshop CS2.


Posted Image

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