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My Asp Progs. And Tools. Share your knowledge too Pleaseeee

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Hi there!

I'm making this post to share and learn something with all the webdesigners or not that build or have builded websites with asp only, or, asp and another languages.

Please, give in your feedback the asp tools that you work with to build websites or just to help build websites.

So, here are my favorite asp tools to build a more dynamic content and design:

Macromedia HomeSite

With this program of macromedia i usualy build almost entire websites without having the need to use other tools.
This programe can integrate and build websites with asp/php/ and other languages, but is better for asp.

If you work with this programe, please say something, because maybe we can talk about it in this post or in another.

ASP Framework Wizard - FREE

I have tried this tool 2/3 times and it's very usefull and FREE.
Here's the features of the free tool:

ASP Framework Wizard generates an Active Server Page framework from an Access database. The framework contains VBScript subroutines to display and validate html forms and update the selected table or query. This won't do everything for you but it will jumpstart your development process by automatically generating tedious code.

So many of the applications I create involve using web-based html forms to update Access databases that one day I just got tired of doing the same stuff over and over and came up with the idea for the wizard. The framework created by the wizard will display a blank form, validate data entered into the form and, if validation succeeds, write the form data back to the database. If validation fails the framework will re-display the form with an error message and allow the user to try again. The wizard eliminates about 80% of the redundant coding associated with these types of applications. You'll still have to make modifications to the resulting code to fit your specific situations.

You need VB6 with service pack 3 and DAO 3.6 on your machine for the wizard to run.

ASP Table Wizard - FREE

I have used this free tool a lot of times, very usefull.
Here's the features:

ASP Table Wizard generates an Active Server Page displaying fields you select from an Access database in a nicely formatted html table.

You need VB6 with service pack 3 and DAO 3.6 or higher on your machine for the wizard to run.

Asp dataform - FREE

I allways use this tool, or almost allways, to build web forms conected with databases, this tool do everything for us, and it has a lot more good features. The problem is that is in portuguese/brasilian, and i don't know if there's an english version.
Anyway if someone here understand portuguese, it's going to adore this tool to build web forms conected to databases (ms access).

AspMaker 4.0

This tool is realy very good to help build websites conected to databases or/and using sql. It's very easy and quickly. there's alsow for php, called phpmaker.

If you want to get info about this tool, just search in google with the following kewords:

"download aspmaker"

Now, please give me a feedback if you work with asp and wish tools and programes you use.

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