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Kwiktron/sony Service

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For those who do not know what is Kwiktron. They are actually a company which Harvey Norman outsources their repairs of their computers to for customers who have the extended warranty option. And Harvey Norman is just like your normal electronics department store, but they also have other kinds of merchandise on sale such as furniture ... etcHere is the story:My Sony Vaio laptop which was purchased from Harvey Norman had a problem with its sound output. There were jack noises coming out of it, and so I sent it for repair into Kwiktron. 2 weeks later (awfully a long time for them to repair a simple audio defect), I got back the laptop, glad to see the sound working back again but there was a freakish thing about it. It auto-restarts by itself, you do not need to run anything but it will restart itself. Before sending my laptop for repair, there was never such an occurence that my laptop will restart by itself. So the obvious question was what the technical staff at Kwiktron actually did? They referred me back to Sony. And I sent it for servicing at their service centre. I told them the problem and they said they would engage testing on the laptop. After about a week or so, I got back the laptop. However they said that there was no fault with the laptop. They completely assumed my observations was rubbish and said there was nothing wrong with it. They even claimed that it was a software setup error or even a virus but have nothing to confirm of such a thing. In the first place, there was completely no virus because I did a recovery before actually testing it. I was really pissed with 1 comment they gave me. They said something along the lines of 'Did you click on any button to make the laptop restart by itself, something like restart computer?" They were completely treating me like a computer idiot but at the same time he was unsure of what I am saying; thus giving me a solution that a recovery would solve everything I mentioned. That was a total load of crap by them. They tested everything, but I really doubt they tested anything because if they did, there wouldn't be any problem when I ran it.I was totally fed up with the crap I have been receiving for the past 3 weeks regarding a laptop which originally had a sound defect. When I sent it to be repaired, that was the only problem but when I got it back, that defect was gone with another coming in. The next day, my mother was entirely furious about what was going on. As the laptop was registered under her name, she called up Harvey Norman and gave them a thrashing down. She was totally irate with Harvey Norman especially after they told her that the fault could be the battery's life span. Another load of crap I would say, before this; it was working fine and where did the battery's life span problem come from now? The way I see it, they are running away from their responsibilities. And a charge could be made if the problem is found in the battery's life span, I say thrash that! If there is any battery life span problem, it is all thanks to them. Who knows what they did to my laptop during the 2 weeks they were 'servicing' my laptop? I was very angry with their attitude. Exceptionally pathetic to the highest standards. My mother demanded them take back the laptop to fix it, and at the moment it is in their workshop. Who knows when they will return it? They had better fix the problem they created themselves. I have half the mind to make a public complaint of harvey norman in the newspapers. 1 advice to all of you out there, whatever it is; do not get an extended warranty no matter what, if not they could really screw you with their poor attitude and hopeless servicing. It is much better to pay the full price for a repair than let a 3rd party come in especially a company like Kwiktron

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