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Star Fantasy Unlimited The story.

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Here is the introduction story to Star Fantasy Unlimited:
In the land of Ellinia there are four human kingdoms Zaphyr, Elysia, Isenia, and Servex. Each had their way of thinking, governing, and living; however, neither tried to take over the other maintaining constant unity. They did have armies and when a civil war broke out the armies took care of things. Instances like these have never happened though, so the kingdoms held tournaments twice a month to keep the soldiers in shape. There were also six other kingdoms for the other three races: Esra and Ixlania for the Elves, Endur and Palantil for the Dwarves, and Sinx'ra and Ras'engoon for the Orcs. All of the races maintained trade with each other for the resources they needed. They have always kept together as one world and co-existed amongst each other.

Originally, in the times of old when the trade routes were first established there had been laws against the mating of different races. Now, however, the laws have been abolished due to the amount of times it has been violated. If two different races had a child the mother, father, and child would usually live in the father's home if the parents didn't decide otherwise. Of course the monarchs of each of the race's kingdoms made sure to keep to their race. Not to stop \"impurity\" as rumors have it; but to uphold tradition. It was an unwritten law and no race was disturbed by it. So it just stuck.
The two Elven kingdoms Esra and Ixlania are known for their majestical beauty and magical properties. If an individual's mind is set on destroying the kingdom a magical barrier will not allow him to pass through. The Elves are known for being adept at magic. Their armies are trained to learn magic and sword fighting together. They are quicker and stronger than most humans and have keener senses. Elves are also known for being able to bestow items with magical properties as well.

The two Dwarven kingdoms Endur and Palantil are known for being built underground. There the Dwarves are able to stay as close to their stones and gems as possible. The Dwarven mines are some of the most abundant mines of all Ella. Everyone knows that there is no better miner than a Dwarf, and it's true. All of the different kingdoms get at least five kinds of resources from the mines. Dwarves know quite a bit of magic also, they can forge metal quickly, magically estimate where types of minerals are, and even shape metal ores into bars without the use of a fire. Dwarves hardly venture outside of their tunnels so their army is taught how to fight in close quarter combat. Since their weaponry is some of the best, the Dwarves are formidable in combat, even if they are short.

The two Orc kingdoms Sinx'ra and Ras'engoon are the only kingdoms that don't have castles for their monarchs. They believe that all of their people should be treated equal. Their kingdoms are big villages with huts and monarchs live in the biggest one. In order to protect themselves the Orcs built wooden fortresses around their kingdom. Each corner has a watch tower that allows them to view danger approaching. The watchguards look out for anything, and if something comes they sound the horn to close the gate. The Orc army is known for being the strongest when it comes to brute strength; however, they don't have that much knowledge which is why it is uncommon for and Orc to learn magic. Males and females are both brought up to be great warriors as Orcs believe that you become weak if you stay at home all day washing clothes. Of course Orcs still use their homes, just not that often. They would rather go out and find adventure.

Each race lived in harmony with the other. Soldiers got together and fought in innocent tournaments, each race was allowed to explore another race's land at their own leisure and hosted well. The trading and jobs varied from kingdom to kingdom. This also allowed the races to keep a constant treaty. Of course, in the times of old the races fought; but no one remembers those wars.

Every race was satisfied and peace was kept for few millennia. Until the day all of Ellia shook. It was very small, not even noticeable but it continued to magnify. It was not an earthquake because the whole world was moving. A huge rift formed, and out of this rift came black smoke. The clouds started to darken and then out of the rift came a huge terrifying castle. With it came fiends, hundreds of them, thousands of them, millions of them! Also out of the rift came the most evil person in all of Ellia, Fiend Master Zhane. Zhane unleashed all of his fiends on the populace of Ellia. The kingdoms of Ellia can hold their own; but for how long? All of Ellia needs a hero you can be that person. Or you can go on living your life as a normal person. Either way the choice is yours. What will you do?

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