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Fatal Frame 3 helpful hints

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Some gamers ask me about fatal frame 3 hints....so I will answer!!!below area a few helpful hints that should help you in this game.----------------------------------------helpful hints-----------------------------------------------1. Always keep your Type 7 film equipped for your camera when taking snaps of non-aggressive ghosts. Switch to the other types whenever a ghost attacks.2.resort to herbal medicines first whenever you need to heal instead of sacred waters. you will automatically get three of them every nigt, and many herbal medicine pickups will appear in each dream3.like the herbal medicines, type 14 film will appear each dream as well. try to conserve your more high quality film for dangerous encounter (rope man).4.go out of your way to make sure there is stone mirror left for rei. avoid picking up one for another character an leave it for her. the stone mirror on the beam in the engraving shrine would be the perfect stone mirror to leve for her5.if you have problems getting shutter chance or fatal frame on a particular ghost then go for normal full charged shots to avoid taking damage6. always take pics of non-aggressive ghosts to help build your point total up for upgrades-----------------------------------------------nightly item locations--------------------------------------->>>type 14 film-projector room, behind the curtain on yhe side of the room-partitioned room, behind the box on the side that leads to the stairs hallway-hall with tatami, in the area with kimonos, next the japanese doll-tatami loft, halfway down the stairs-great hall (all god's village, behind folding screen>>>herbal medicine-hearth room, under the stairs on a barrel-barred gallway (west side), in the small room in the midle of the hall-barred hallway (east side), in the closet, next to the door to the kimono room- shrine courtyard, on the wast side as tou enter from the garden coridor-stained hallway (east end), on the floor next to the bars on the bottom of the wall>>>puriying candle-closet hallway, on the top of the chest to the side, by the stairs-engraving shrine, on the top of the wooden beams above (climb the ladders)-tatami loft, to the right as you enter from the hearth room-stairs hallway (2F), smallroom below the middle staircase-wooden figure room, on the altar-confinement room (all god's village, lying on a pillow in the floor, right before you get to the cell

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