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Fancy Lines In Signature Adobe Photoshop 7+

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This tutorial is not mine, it was made by a good friend called Apodae Swift who is letting me repost it as long as I give him credit.


Tutorial: Fancy lines in signature

Program: Adobe Photoshop


Posted Image


And here is the tutorial.


For this example I have used a base background image with width 500px and height 100px. It can be easily adapted for other sizes.


1. First thing you need to do is get the correct tool. It is normally pre-set as the rectangle tool. As such from the options on the top row you need to pick line. Then give it a weight of 0.1cm.

Posted Image


2. When this is done draw you first horizontal line.

Posted Image


3. This creates the shape you are going to use. For the rest of the lines you must select the add to shape area option in order for it to function properly. Once this is done draw a vertical line.

Posted Image


and another

Posted Image


and then a diagonal and another horizontal line.

Posted Image


4. The next step is to double click the part where is has the name of the shape to bring up the blending options. On this window pick bevel and emboss,

Posted Image


leaving you with this.

Posted Image


5. The right click on the image's layer and then duplicate it.

Posted Image


6. The select the image with the move tool, click the edge, then right click the edge of the picture, then choose to rotate it by 180 degrees.

Posted Image


7. Finally move both of you bits in to the opposite corners and you have your borders.

Posted Image



Just a little note. I saved these screenshots as Gifs as it makes the file smaller. Here is the finished product as a JPEG.


There it is, also I'd like to once again thank Apodae Swift for allowing me to post his tutorial!

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