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Beveled Inner Glow Borders Adobe Photoshop 7+

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This tutorial is not mine! A friend I know made it and is allowing me to repost it as long as I give him credit.


Name: Beveled Inner Glow borders

Program: Adobe Photoshop


Posted Image




I am going to go ahead and assume you know how to open a new image in photoshop. For this test I have used a width of 500px and a height of 100px.


1. Firstly you need to select your rectangle tool. Drag it accross the picture, making sure to hug the sides of the image.

Posted Image


2. This is the rectangle. As you can see it hugs the edge of the picture. This is needed in order for it to work later on. Make sure it hugs the edges of the picture and doesn't spill over the sides.

Posted Image


3. Now you need the rectangle tool again, this time you need to choose the "subtract from shape area" option.

Posted Image


4. Then drag another box, this one though needs to be smaller then the one before it. I suggest using the cursor tool to actually define the width. To me it seems the perfect width, however it is a matter of choice.

Anyway this gives you your basic border.

Posted Image


5. To make it a little more interesting double click the shapes name in the layers part to bring up the blending options. Then click the boxes to activate the "bevel and emboss" option and the "outer glow option". These can be experimented with to your hearts content. I find the standard quite nice, though I often change the outer glow colour or patter.

Posted Image



There you have it. A nice little border for your pictures.


Oh and the whole hugging the sides of the picture thing. That was because if you don't do that then I find the bevel and embross doesn't work as well as it should.



There's the tutorial, once again. All credit goes to a good friend called Apodae Swift! Thank!

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