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Protoss Theme For Windows

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I compiled a bunch of images, cursors, and sounds for use with windows to be a theme. The sounds are all from Protoss Race, for example, Max-Min.wav is the same sound used in StarCraft when you rescue something in the Protoss campaign.


To use the sound files, go to Control Panel->Sounds and click Browse. Navigate to wherever you extracted the files and click the appropriate file for use.


Beep.wav Probe building error

Shutdown.wav Zeratul "En taro Adun!"

Startup.wav Zeratul "Your orders templar...?"

Empty Recycle.wav Dragoon attack sound

Close Program.wav Protoss building unpowered

Max-Min.wav explained above

Menu-Popup.wav Carrier Interceptor launch

Menu-Command.wav same as Menu-Popup.wav

Default.wav same as Beep.wav


Cursors are also self explanatory, most of them are labeled, but there are a few extras for w/e use you want.


To get to the cursor screen go to Control Panel->Mouse->Pointers and Browse for the appropriate files.



There are three backgrounds included, one for 640x480px, one for 800x600px and one for 1024x768px



*These instructions are for Windows 98 SE. Other Windows operating systems will probably be the same, with little to no variance. Sorry, I can't get the attachment to work, so I just posted a megaupload link.




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