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Your Perfect Massively Multiplayer Online What would your perfect MMO be like?

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Developers of Massively Multiplayer Online games take alot of heat from the playerbase on design and balance issues, so...I was wonder how would everyone structure their perfect MMO/what do YOU want to see?Just give some basics:Level Cap - Mine would be 1-70Content - Enough mission/quest content to go to levels 1-70 15 times over, in addition to several raid and trial scenarios, enough to go 1-70 three times over, in addition to a costum quest/mission editor for levels 60-70 at level 70 you should be able to play through any of the 'lower' level quests or raids/trials, but some of it will have level caps.PvP - Based on level, each PvP area has a minimum level and level cap that lowers all items/abilities to the max level for the zone.Endgame - Endgame ranges from doing countless quests, to hunting, to crafting and earning items, to raiding, PvP, and Trials.Quests/missions - Different types, some will require and item to be saved from destruction, some need to be destroyed, stolen, or recovered, some may include hostage taking, rescue, etc. Most will have some sort of boss (some final quests on long story lines may include an 'ultimate' boss that requires the help of large teams to finish) some will just be regular open-ended zone hunts, some will require an area to be cleared of enemies, some will have ambushes, etc, any combo of them to keep things unique.Raids and such - Like I said, enough raid scenarios to get to level 70 w/o repeating any of them, this should include several hundred enemies that can take anywhere from 20-160 people to take down, and maybe a few 'ultimate' raid scenarios with REALLY powerful monsters, or several monsters that take 160+ to do.Great graphics, story, etc all needed too :)

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