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Survey On Online Shopping For College A call for help :unsure:

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Hello world,


Heh, you would think this has spam written all over it - but please don't flame me yet, this is a genuine college project with a deadline that's more genuine than I'd care to admit :D


I happen to be a part of team involved in a project that is supposed to analyse trends in online shopping. This is a mostly genuine effort to investigate the general public opinion about shopping over the net (read: we're rather unusually serious about this). I'd be very grateful if you could go over to:




and click on the relevant tab (Regular Shoppers if you've never bought anything off a website, and Online Shoppers otherwise), fill in the corresponding questionnaire and submit it. Also, please enter NLD in the referral ID, it helps us track what (who) prompted you to answer all the questions.


The whole process should be a less-than-2-minute ordeal, and while nothing bad will happen to you if you don't follow these instructions, I will certainly be thankful if you do :D


Again, this mail is not intended to be spam, and if it bothers you, you have my apologies. I'd also love to hear what everyone thinks about online shopping in general - apart from being generally curious, I also have to prepare a presentation, so any inputs will be appreciated very much!




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