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How To Customize The Look Of Your Mirc Events

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Well im sure that a lot of you just use mIRC for chatting and do not realise that you can actually use it to code cool stuff. You can also change the way your events look and i am going to explain how here.

Starting with the on join event - which triggers when you and other users join a channel.
Instead of having just the plain * Now talking in #channel and * nick has joined #channel
you can make it look fancy ie. (Join/nick) (nick@address) and its not hard to do.

on ^*:JOIN:#: {  echo -t $chan (Join/ $+ $nick $+ ) ( $+ $gettok($fulladdress,2,33) $+ )  haltdef}
you can add colors and change it to however u wish to make ur custom displays.

Now i will just go through a whole bunch of events keeping the same theme as the above one.

** Part event for when users part from a channelon ^*:Part:#: {   echo -t $chan (Part/ $+ $nick $+ ) ( $+ $gettok($fulladdress,2,33) $+ )  haltdef }** Quit event for when users quit from a serveron ^*:Quit: {  var %num = 1  while ($comchan($nick,%num)) {	echo -t $comchan($nick,%num) (Quit/ $+ $nick $+ ) $chr(40)) $+ Reason $+ : $remove($iif($2 != $+($chr(40),$chr(41)),$remove($1-,Quit,$chr(40),$chr(41)),None) $+ $chr(41),:)	inc %num  }  halt}** Nick event for when you and/or users change your nicknameon ^*:Nick: {  var %num = 1  while ($comchan($newnick,%num)) {	echo $comchan($newnick,%num) $tstamp $theme2((NickChange) ( $+ $nick to $newnick $+ ))	inc %num  }  haltdef}** Kick event for when you and/or users are kicked from a channelon ^*:KICK:#: {   echo $chan $tstamp $theme2(( $+ $knick $+ ) Was kicked from $chan by ( $+ $nick $+ ) $+([,$1-,]) $+ )  halt }

Now you can also change the events for when text is sent to the channel

To edit your input you use the on input event

on *:INPUT:#: {   if ($left($1,1) != /) {	.msg $active $1-	echo -t $active ( $+ $opv($me,$1) $+ $me $+ ) $2-	halt   } }the $opv is another alias which will return the persons status in a channel @,+,- ie. @nick for an op.alias opv {   if ($1 isop $2) { return @ }   if ($1 isvo $2) { return + }  if ($chr(45) isin $remove($nick($chan,$nick).pnick,$nick)) { return - }  else { return }}The to edit how you receive other peoples texton ^*:TEXT:*:#: {   echo -t $chan ( $+ $opv($nick,$chan) $+ $nick $+ ) $1-  halt }

the -t in all these codes is to display your timestamp if u have it turned on. You can turn this on and edit it by going into options > IRC > messages > timestamp.

These are all codes to edit the look of channel events. Will cover private messages and other things in later posts.

any questions please ask :D

Thankyou :D

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their are so many scripts that can be addable in MIRC. Last time i customized my mirc by writing my own scripts in C++, and that result too pretty MIRC. I distribut it to my friends and other community friends. In that script i include some war play scripts like flooding and and also its protection, but these scripts are not mine i got them from internet and they worked fine.

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you missed the theme2 alias in the post hehe :)

Something like this is probably a better idea for the opv alias.
instead of only checking for op/voice/whatever the - is since ive never seen that (what services is that on by the way?) it will check for whatever status's the server supports and return the highest one

alias opv { ;opv chan nick  var %chan = $1, %nick = $2  if (%nick != $nick(%chan,%nick).pnick) return $left($nick(%chan,%nick).pnick,1)  else return}

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