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Best Stratagy For A Multy Player Game a great tip on multyplayer games like CC stratagy

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on the start of a multyplayer game there would be some people that would like to form an alience.now you try to make an ally and promese him a win... still trust no one, not even an aly.descuss the terms with him...one does the defence the other the fire power.if he agrees to it, wich by the way would sound like a great idea, find a spot on the map where you both could build one base... still trust no one.make shure you have a defence of your own for incase he turns on you.if have the defence job build mutiple wals. meaning a layer next to a layer. and on the inside of the walls evry 5 to 6 spaces a wach tower. and in betwene the catapult or tanks of your aly.this would keep the enemy out till the cavelry arive for backup.Now the atacking job....if you are playing an old age game like age of empires then create a few catapults. a great deal amount of swords men and pike men, aswell as archers. if you attack hold your close range men back for a wile. let your catapults and archers do a great deal of damage. if you see the opusition is getting to close then send in your short range units and pull back your catapults, they will damage your units aswell as the enemys.allways keep produsing your army. if you get over numberd and defeated in that battle you could still defend your self.now after all this is done... :D hahaha a bit to make your game play intresting. to test your boths strength...turn on your ally... and see if your army is stronger than your defence(that was your devence).or your defence stronger than your army.enjoy...got a Q about any stratagy post a reply and ask freely

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