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What Is Needed And Left Out? in an action game there might be a few things that is left out or not

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:D In all action Games, they seem to leve out the things that makes action seem unrealistic,dont get me wrong i like these fantacy action adventure things aswell. but realy, where do see you a guy after getting shot in the leg, still runing around? or if if heas shot in the nikkers he could stil walk around... to my knowlage if that would hppen, i would lay round and cry or wish i died.now, explosions... take call of duty for e.g. have you ever seen a man not moveing or dieing if the anti tank rocket hits the barral he is standing behind? or even the barrel not exploding.or haveing to shoot a tank twice with a att or with another tank?shots, head shot... come on, head shots are fatel, a foot shot would hert, but still shooting a guy ithe foot don't count as a shot. and mostly the bloud don't splat or brains blow out.... to less gore in a great action game.a great game so far is black hawk down, one shot kills, almost evrey thing can explode, just... the exploding iseu again.what else there that you spotted in the games you have played?[hr=noshade]once again, i just played delta force.why dont the tiers of a car pop if you shoot it?or even if the artilary fire the hell out of a building there would still be a unit some where to be found... inside a building that needs to be off a map?and why does the wepons never get jamed?have you ever seen a ak shoot after getting filled with sand after a bomb explosion?if there is a game desighner here, please desighn a game tht would bring the real life to the serface.[/hr]
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