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Playing Some Gba Games Online

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To do this, you must get a program called Hamachi and vbalink 1.8beta0...

WRITTEN BY ME (almost) :mebiggrin:

1. Hamachi using guide

1. Get a program called Hamachi here: https://www.vpn.net/

Hamachi let's you create fake LAN connections making you're computer believe that two computers on the internet are connected on LAN, that makes it possible play any games with LAN-only support online as well as games that need registration &/ payment to play online and so on (be aware that you only play against the people on the network but there's already many public servers on hamachi for many different games).

2. Install the program and open it, it will guide you through the basics of it.

3. Click the "Power On", it looks like a circle . It's NOT the one next to the triangel!!!

3. One of you goes to the connection button (the one that looks like a triangle) and create a new network, give it a simple name so that people don't make mistakes typing it, for example: "MMBN6" and give it a password, then click OK.

4. the other/others go to the connection button and join existing network, they will have to put the same name and password that you created, then click OK and they will be connected.

5. their IP adress are beside there nicknames



- Turn off your firewall/give it permission for hamachi to connect and accept incomming connections.

- If you have more than one network disable the ones you're not using so that only the connection needed to access to the internet and the hamachi connection are on.


2.VBAlink 1.8beta0 using guide (THIS GUIDE FOR INTERNET ONLY)

1. Download VBALink 1.8beta0: http://superthamtu.yourfreewebspace.com/vbalink180b0.zip

2. Unzip it.

3. Setup all the things, like controls, save paths & so on

4. Each player opens VBALink and goes to Options ===>Link, then check the Wireless Adapter (normal Link Cable doesn't have enough speed).

5. Go to Options ===>Link again, click on "Network".

6. If you want better speed at the cost of slightly less stability, select 'Faster' on the slidebar (recommended for MMBN and PKM)

7. One of you must select Server and click Start

8. The others choose "Client", enter the IP address or name of the server and click Connect

9. When all players are connected, a message box with the text "Connected" will appear (at least it should :-).

10. Load the game and play!

11. When someone closes the emulator, the others will become disconnected.

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I downloaded Hamachi, made a server, connected to my friend, started the vba, linked together using the hamachi's IP address, but when I start the game, it still says "please connect two game boys" so I can not seem to play this in 2 players, and for me I am simply trying to play with someone on two PC's in the same room, their are networked, but still no results, please help?

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