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Online Rpg Games For Me To Play

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Please can poeple post links to good rpg games and please don't post ones i have to download

You can find a lot of free online Flash games by signing up for an account at Neopets.

There's also a 3d Java applet game called Runescape. Being an applet, though, don't expect any impressive graphics. Still, with a wide array of items, quests, monsters and NPC's, you'd have a helluva time gaining levels in different stats like HP, strength, attack, defense, magic and even prayer, fishing, cooking, mining, smithing or crafting, along with other ludicrous stats like woodcutting and firemaking. One comment, though, it gets repetitive after a month or two, although there are usually some welcome changes during Easter, Hallowe'en and Christmas.

If you'd rather lay back and relax, there's a PHP-based RPG called Kings of Chaos. You control an army given resources at regular intervals and can order attack, reconnaisance or sabotage missions. You can also buff up your attack, defense, espionage and counter-espionage weapons.

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