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A Fortunate Accident 498 Words Sudden Fiction

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This is my first short story -- sudden fiction to be more exact. Tell me what you think.






I was supposed to tell you but that born loser texted you before I had the chance.


No I mean how do you know Jeff?


We?re orgmates in Los Banos. We were just sort of talking about you last Friday, we?re a starting a business



But how does Jeff know that you know me?


He doesn?t?I mean he didn?t.




Ok so I met Mr. Llangco the other day and he told me that Jeff met you.


Where did Oliver come from?


Uhm from Los Banos last Thursday? He?s taking his masters units in Sociology in Diliman.


I didn?t mean that silly. You mean he was your teacher? I thought you were taking Computer Science?


He wasn?t, never was and never will be.


So how do know you him?


He?s a good friend. Ma?m Leslee had us introduced.


Who in the world is Leslee?


Psych teacher. Did you take Psy1?


In Los Banos? No.


You should, it?s easily unoable.


Maybe next time. So where were we?


Ma?m Leslee.


Right and so? go on?.


So I told you, she?s my psych teacher. One time she came to class complaining that her usb got busted and she needed to have it fixed somehow because she had a paper in there she had to submit to that afternoon.


She?s taking what? Masters?


Yeah. And so I, wanting to show off my Computer Science prowess, told her I can fix it.


Were you?


What do you think?




As a sign of ?gratitude? she treated me to dinner the night I gave back her usb. That?s when I met Oliver, her officemate.


Okay. But Jeff and Oliver how did they..?


They?re fratbrothers Kaye. Jeff has been in school for seven years.


But we just met this sem, how does Oliver know that you know me?


Duh!? He doesn?t. I met him last Thursday because I asked him to get my transcript. Have you submitted your transcript?


Yes. But how did he bring up the topic? How did you guys end up talking about me?

You see, we kid with Jeff around all the time that he?s too dark and looks like Jerry Yan and how he can never come on to anyone. It?s guy stuff you won?t understand. So the first thing he, Oliver, did when we saw each other was gave me this grin and said Jeff met this lady in the mainlib who?s a library science major transferee from Los Banos who came on to him and asked if he was so. And so I thought of you and asked him if it was you he was talking about and then he said yes and we ended up laughing out loud, I was thumping the floor with my hand, because you did not give him your number.


And that business with Jeff?


Oh it?s a long story and I am bored. Let?s do something.


Uhm What?


I don?t care. Dinner perhaps? My treat.

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