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Fantastico Scripts - A 'how To'

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This isnt really a tutorial, more like an idiots guide on how to avoid the problems I encountered when setting up my site. This eventually invoved 3 complete reinstalls - you soon learn from your mistakes when that happens. I shall use php-nuke as the example here, but it applies to all scripts you intend to modify.

If you have the disk space available - install your script twice, set up a temporary sub-domain for this. The reason for this is you have a full, clean install to go back & retrieve any files you may mess up whilst changing code (you will have to do this a lot when adding things to your site.)

You can also use this second installation for trying out themes, without cluttering up your main install with things you probably wont need in the end.

When modding a .php file, copy the file to your desktop first (ideally the install folder for the particular mod). i.e. if you see this:

#-----[ OPEN ]----------------------------------------





#-----[ FIND ]----------------------------------------



require_once('includes/bbcode.'. $phpEx);


#-----[ AFTER, ADD ]-----------------------------------



include("includes/functions_post.php"); copy the games.php file to your desktop before you start editing it. This way, its easy to rectify any mistakes you make by simply over-writing the file you have just messed up.

After you have done the mod, check all parts of your site function as they should - its amazing how the most innocent seeming change you make can mess up something totally unrelated. If you are offering members multiple themes to choose from, I recommend you check every mod you make with every theme you have. This sounds very labourious but trust me its worth doing.

Read every install.txt you get with the mod. Developers have a habit of changing things & hiding an install amendment somewhere in the mod folder. Make sure you read them all as it really can make a huge difference.

It goes without saying, but make backups of everything before you start a mod, just incase. When you are happy with the mod & have checked everything works ok do a back-up again. This gives you a kind of 'restore point' to go back to if needed. If your site goes wrong, you will know which particular mod caused the problem.

When you have finished installing a mod, check it has the corresponding mysql database (if needed) before enabling it.

Finally, a lot of the problems I encountered were easily recified simply by clearing the browser cache & cookies, then restarting your browser. If something does go wrong, thats the first thing I recommend people do.

Thats pretty much it, if anyone has any specific problems with phpnuke, get in touch & I will try & help.

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